Rotten Rice in nepal godownAccording to the sources it has been revealed that subsidized rice stored at the Nepal Food Corporation (NFC) godown in Gamgadhi, the district headquarters of Mugu has started rotting. It has been told that around 5,700 quintals of rice have been kept at the godown for the past one year. Though the whole country is reeling under the acute shortage of daily essentials, the rice could not be used during the blockade. In this regard, the NFC chief in the District, Tek Prasad Regmi, said the stored subsidized rice has started rotting and there is sufficient amount of rice in the store. However, they could not sell it during the Indian blockade.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited

Further, it has been narrated that locals in district headquarters stopped purchasing the rice as foodstuffs were easily available in local bazaar. Though the rice has been kept for a year, people in remote villages have been deprived of foodstuffs as the NFC could not send the subsidized rice to its depots at Soru, Pulu and Shreekot in the district. Meanwhile, people in Photu, Nathurpa, Jima, Bhihi and surrounding VDCs have been reeling under the shortage of foodstuffs for the past two months due to severe drought. It was also stated that as the contractors delayed supply of the foodstuffs to NFC depots in remote areas, the stored rice could not be used and thus started rotting. The sources said that the NFC officials blamed contractors for the delay.