324 X 324 newAs warmer weather invades Canada, so does new rice recipes as outdoor cooking activities. Warmer weather is a game changer for Canadians from coast-to-coast as they embrace virtually every outdoor activity imaginable, move their cooking outdoors, and shift to eating lighter fare while the mild temperatures last. “Eating smart is the best way to fuel your body for lots of activity this summer,” is the message shared by USA Rice Canada recently with the national food editor at Sun Media. Newly developed recipes such as “Supergreens, shrimp and rice salad” and “miso collard wraps” that showed Canadians how to eat smart with rice, the mighty grain were featured in national syndicated food columns and online portals. Till date, 21 articles have appeared, reaching an audience of 4.55 million, with an editorial value of $199,802.

Mr. Brian King, Chairman USA Rice explained, “We have different strategies in our export markets depending on whether it’s a mature or developing market and as our fourth largest export market which consistently brings in more than 200,000 MT of U.S. rice each year, Canada is definitely a mature market. Our promotional activities consist of a strong social and traditional media presence as well as becoming involved with Canada’s foodservice sector.” Canadian rice consumption is at 23 pounds per capita annually, only slightly behind the U.S.