Water Shortage in Namibia get cripples due to water shortage at the government owned farms.

The Kalimbeza rice project is located on the bank of Zambezi River about 30 kilometres east of Katima Mulilo in Kabbe Constituency.There has been water shortage supply for the past two weeks.

Rice requires constant water supply and well moisture soil for its cultivation .Already 9 hectares have been grown with variety of rice seeding but there growth is stunted due to shortage of water supply.

The Kalimbeza rice project expects to plant 90 hectares of rice this year.Small scale farmers have been allocated 15 hectares of land and loosing hope ever harvesting

According to project manager, Patrick Kompeli transplantation of rice has been suspended and workers are drawing water from water tank manually.

The Minister of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, John Mutorwa visited the project and said that it is not acceptable that the project like this should be faced with the water shortage.

You cannot called a scheme a green until it doesnot have water. We need to fix the problems before clarification.

Mutorwa said that he is disappointed with the infrastructure for fertilizers and chemicals.

He was happy with the fact that only small scale farmers were allocated the land. Five small scale farmers were got 3 hectares of land.

President Hifikepunye Pohamba visited Kalimbeza early this year and was pleased with the infrastructural development at the project at that time. His hope was to inaugurate the additional infrastructure before he leaves office in March. The project covers an area exceeding 200 hectares. It was declared a national project by Pohamba in 2009. Hundreds of villagers at Kalimbeza and nearby villages work as seasonal workers at the project.