buhler-logoAs per sources, it has been intimated recently that  Swiss industrial and processing technology and solutions provider the Bühler Group opened rice processing equipment factory in the Long An province of Vietnam on 29th  September, the company announced by press release. Considering Vietnam’s position as one of the leading global rice producers, it has been thought that Buhler’s top-quality equipment will contribute to the further economic development of the region. In this matter, it has also  been revealed by Mr Lương Trung Hiếu, General Manager of Bühler Vietnam that the factory in Long An will act as the engineering center for complete solutions for rice, manufacturing accessories, auxiliary equipment, and technology integration for the engire grains and food offering of the Bühler Group in Southeast Asia. Further, the company, which currently provides equipment for about 30% of the world’s rice processing industry and it, is working to strengthen its position in the regional and global rice processing industry. Moreover, it is one of the leading producers of rice in the world since the Vietnam produces around 45 million tonnes of the grain annually.

In this context, furthermore, it has been described that with Buhler’s new factory for rice-shanti-agro-adprocessing equipments, local rice processors will now be able to offer their products in a quality that meets export standards, strengthening the position of Vietnam in the international markets and enabling it to face competition from Thai and Cambodian rice producers too as it has been highlighted in the company’s press release. However, demand for state-of-the-art rice processing solutions has never been greater, as it enables processors to profitably to improve their rice quality and to meet export requirements, while enhancing food safety and quality standards for domestic consumption. Meanwhile, it has also been narrated that the multi-million-dollar facility features engineering and R&D areas, a production workshop, and a sales and service office. The factory is anticipated to make several hundred machines for use in Vietnam and neighboring countries each year. In addition, along with the opening of the Long An location, Bühler also launched its Bühler W sorter equipment line in Vietnam, offering high-precision rice sorting to improve product quality. As per report, it has been revealed that with this new factory, it is possible to make a difference for rice processors in Vietnam and Southeast Asia. In addition, with the expansion of our local network, we shall be able to our customers to produce rice that meets highest expectations of the international markets, nurturing prosperity and growth in the region, as stated by Mr Johannes Wick, Chief Executive Officer of Buhler’s food and grains unit, at the opening ceremony.