After facing the rally last week the rice market has fluctuated last week.

The prices of Pusa-1121 have shown a significant decline while the prices of other aromatic and non-basmati rice varieties have shown nominal fluctuation.

Amit Chandna, proprietor of Hanuman Rice Trading Company has said that this decline in the pusa 1121 is due to its price rise last week which have no sense.

The Retail traders are also going for the purchase of fresh rice stock at current price levels.

Another factor for the rice price fluctuation are due to decline in the domestic demand for the rice he added.

In the physical market, Pusa-1121 (steam) eased by Rs 100 to Rs 9,100 a quintal, while Pusa-1121 (sela) dropped by Rs 50 to Rs 8,050.

 Pure Basmati (raw) was quoted at Rs 12,500. Duplicate basmati (steam) was sold at Rs 7,000.

Pusa-1121 (second wand) was sold at Rs 7,000; Tibar at Rs 6,000; while Dubar was sold at Rs 5,000.

 In the non-basmati section, Sharbati (steam) was sold at Rs 5,000, while Sharbati (sela) was quoted at Rs 4,800. Permal (raw) sold at Rs 2,300; Permal (sela) at Rs 2,350; PR-11 (sela) was sold at Rs 2,900; while PR-11 (raw) was sold at Rs 2,800. PR14 (steam) was sold at Rs 3,200.

 Paddy arrivals

 About 10,000 bags of different paddy varieties arrived at the Karnal Grain Market Terminal. About 5,000 bags of Pusa-1121 arrived and went was sold at Rs 4,100-4,250 a quintal; 2,000 bags of Sugandha 999 was sold for Rs 2,650; 2,000 bags of PR was sold at Rs 1,300; while 1,000 Sharbati bags went for Rs 2,200-2,250.