Rice on Plate- A Project Report on Rice Inception to Rice Consumption


Dear Associated Companies/Audience/associated Partners

Here riceoutlook is presenting before you a project report on the rice- from its inception to consumption which include detailed study on Rice.

We will include the following points in our study.

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The Project is broadly divided into four major groups:

1.       Agriculture (from seed to paddy)

2.     Post-harvest (logistics, packaging, storage etc)

3.     Milling of Rice (Conversion of Paddy to Rice, Grading, packaging and storage)

4.     Rice Trade (Domestic selling, Exports, Logistics, Documentation, Taxes and Duties and International laws)

This report will be supplied to all the concerned persons of the following interests.

  1. Rice Research Workers / Institutes / Scientists / Research and Development Companies.
  2. Rice Mill Machinery Manufacturers
  3. Rice Associations / Trade Bodies working for the benefit of Rice Industry
  4. Top Rice Millers Globally and Domestic as well as International Traders
  5. Agriculturists

If required we will also publish the Hard copy of this and we will circulate it to the concerned persons as well.

Purpose of the report:                     

  1. This report will be useful for the Researchers, Scientists and others for the purpose of studying the trends and other details in the major rice producing and major rice consuming nations.
  2. Help the agriculturists to figure out the requirements of Seeds, Manure, and Fertilizers etc. for production of paddy. Water Requirement, its sources and problems faced.
  3. To understand the Modern Machines used in agriculture at different rice producing nations, its purpose and working and Cost Benefit analysis.
  4. Overview of the process undertaken by farmers of different countries for selling of their paddy.
  5. To provide all the facts and figures commonly required for the Milling of Rice, Importance / Purpose of different steps of milling, detailed working of the machinery at each level.
  6. Study the usage of byproducts of rice at different level.
  7. To study export pattern, scope of selling, different trade laws, SWOT analysis of major importing countries etc.

Our Expectation

We expect from your company is that you please share with us the following and we will publish that information in our report. Information provided by you will be specific for your product and your product name will also be mentioned in that.

  1. We also require benefits of using a color sorter machine not specifically in line with your machine but general benefits
  2. Information of the latest Color Sorter provided by your company to Rice Millers Globally.
  3. Technical Information of the product is also required as like you do it for your brochures.
  4. Photograph of the product will also be required.

The name of the company will also be mentioned in the Bibliography of the Project.

We really hope that this project would be beneficial for the long term branding for the associated companies.