Philippines drought 1According to the latest information, it has been reported that the Philippines has lowered its rice output estimate for the first quarter for the second time due to drought linked to the El Nino weather phenomenon. As per the statement issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) that unmilled rice output in the March quarter is estimated at 4.01 million tonnes, which is 1.5 percent lower than the previous forecast of 4.07 million tonnes, while  citing a survey of standing crops as of March 1. However, the final figure will be announced in the next month. Further, in this regard, it has also been stated that estimate may be 8.1 percent lower than the 4.37 million tonnes production in the same period last year.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that the production losses this year is due to an El Nino, which usually delays the onset of the rainy season in the Philippines and had soared to 233,000 tonnes as of mid-April, as disclosed the latest data from the agriculture department .Meanwhile, theShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Southeast Asian nation, one of the world’s top rice importers, has decided to delay its planned additional rice purchases for this year’s requirements because of ample local supply.