Rice millers in Nueva Ecija province, the country’s top rice producerdemands for the rice rice  during  the lean months

Edgardo Alfonso, president of the 26-member San Jose City Rice Millers Association ,said “We bought the dried palay at P25 a kilogram and paid P20 to P21 for the fresh harvest. At that purchase price, we cannot be expected to sell it at lower than P38 a kilo of the milled rice,”

He also said that “We agree that there is a thin supply of rice in the market due to the unattained target [in the government’s] rice self-sufficiency program and that’s why the government imported rice. But we don’t see that the price of commercial rice can be pushed down as that would mean losses for those engaged in the grains business,”

He siad that if prices would rise it will let the rice retailer to earn.

The strategy used by the Department of Agriculture and the NFA in handling the rice supply problem in the countrycauses the problem so according to him, the government should consult with the leaders of the rice industry to draw up correct strategies in handling the situation to cope up with the situation.