It has been projected by experts that rice market is stable in india without much change in demand and ample of stock availability. In the past week, the prices of all rice varieties have been same that results in rice market is stable in india. Rice production in India hit an all time high in the year of the crop and also the 100 millions tonnes level was crossed.


Even in the physical market there has been uptrend, but aromatic and non-basmati varieties remained unchanged as Rice Market Is Stable in India . Amit Chandna, proprietor of Hanuman Rice trading company has commented that with a steady domestic demand and easy availability of stocks, retail and bulk buyers are giving orders for their requirements. Changes are only expected in the first week of April/

The price rates currently are:

Pusa-1121 (steam) sold at 8,900-9,000, while Pusa-1121 (sela) quoted at 7,900. Pure Basmati (raw) quoted at 12,200.

Duplicate basmati (steam) sold at 7,000. Pusa-1121 (second wand) was at 7,100, Tibar at 6,150 while Dubar at 5,000 a quintal.

In the non-basmati section, Sharbati (steam) sold at 4,850 while Sharbati (ela) quoted at 4,300. Permal (raw) sold at 2,330, Permal (sela) at 2,350, PR-11 (sela) sold at 2,700 while PR-11 (raw) at 2,600. PR14 (steam) sold at 2,950 a quintal.