Ph RiceAccording to the sources, it has been reported that the Philippines Department of Agriculture (DA) is estimating that around 131,649 tons of rice worth 5.33 billion pesos (around $114.2 million) has been lost since February 2015, as indicated by Bloomberg. However, the DA noted that the total rice production losses in terms of value are lower than 17.4 billion pesos (around $373 million) during the 2009-10 El Nino phenomenons. Further, it has also been stated by DA   that in 2009-10, the country lost about 540,469 tons of rice. In this matter, according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) estimates that the Philippines in 2016 first half, paddy rice production were at around 8.2 million tons, which was down about 1.5% from around 8.32 million tons in 2015. As per data, it has also been reported that the Philippines paddy production in 2015 declined about 4.31% to around 18.15 million tons, which was down from around 18.97 million tons in 2014 due to the El Niño phenomenon.