Zambia Rice GrowersAccording to the information available, it has been indicated that YamBEEji Honey and Rice Products Limited has urged Government to set up irrigation infrastructure in Zambezi District in North-Western Province that will support small-scale rice production. YamBEEji chief executive officer Chibbonta Chilala narrated   that   the traditional methods of growing rice have proved unsustainable in the face of growing water scarcity, environmental degradation and the shifting ecosystem.

Further, in this respect Mr Chilala informed that it was important for Government to develop irrigation infrastructure in Zambezi which would contribute to the momentum of small-scale rice production. In an interview it was stated that rice production had significantly reduced due to low water levels in the Zambezi River. In addition, we are worried about the agriculture situation in the area because of receiving of low rainfallShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. and we would like to urge the Government to set up irrigation infrastructure in the district, as it was emphasized by Mr Chilala.