A huge Rice grain exports figure of 181000 tons has been reported in the first half of this month and the earning was near about US$79.87 million. Vietnam food association also released the data that shipment flew up in numbers by 1.932 million and earning inclined by $845.38 million than the previous figure.  Domestic prices showed a slight slump in the week through 15th May.


The association also told that the average price for the Rice grain exports this week has gone up to $441.51 per tonne, down roughly $21 per tonne against the same period last month.


The prices of dried rice in delta VND5,300-5750perkg depend on variety of rice. The price of 5%,15%,25% broken rice is vnd50-100,vnd700to7800perkg ,vnd7400to7500perkg. FAO has estimated Vietnam’s milled rice grain exports to increase about 7.2million tones this yr up about 8% from about 6.7million tonnes last yr Due to higher production and increased export demand from asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, China and Philippines backed by low prices. FAO has estimated about 44.2million tonnes in 2014higher than produced in 2013. The shifting part of the rice field to other crops due to the higher yield favorable weather conditions and adequate water supplies.