Wet Winter and Spring seasons in CaliforniaAccording to the sources, it has been reported that a major money maker in California is making a comeback after recent rains. It has been revealed that when it comes to California rice, 97 percent of it is grown in the Sacramento region. However, California’s drought left a lot of rice fields barren. Now, central valley rice farmers are also looking up as they reap the benefits of recent storms. Even though much of the state is still reeling from a historic drought, but this year’s wet weather is making the rice harvest season more promising .That was not the case during the Fall of 2014 for second-generation rice farmer Mike Dewit who was forced to let 30 percent of his rice fields in the Yolo basin go to waste.

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Further, in this regard, the California Rice Commission stated that almost a quarter of the state’s $5 billion crop was ruined. It is better, according to the spokesman Mr Jim Morris. We are thankful that we had a wet fall and winter and with the recent rains, it comes a new sense of optimism. This is really good news for our entire region for the fact that we are going to have more rice grown this year. Moreover, the rain-soaked fields could lead to more than just rice crops too. It was informed that we have about 2,000 family farmers in the state and this field will be planted in the near future, as it was told. If the industry’s fall projections are correct, there should be a bountiful rice harvest, but it would not know for sure until September’s harvest.