Guyana rice developmentAs per information disclosed by the Head of the Guyana Rice Development Board (GRDB), it has indicated that Guyana exported around 537,334 tons of rice in 2015 which is up about 7.21% from around 501,208 tons as compared to 2014. However, in terms of earnings, Guyana’s exports declined about 11% to around $220.85 million in 2015 from around $249.5 million in 2014 and it has been  attributed the decline in the value of exports to low prices. Further, it has been noted that when Guyana was exporting to Venezuela, the country was receiving about $760 per ton. However, after the neighboring country withdrew purchases from Guyana, they are receiving prices in the range of $340 – $400 per ton.

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In this regard, furthermore, it has been revealed by the GRDB Head that in 2015, Guyana mostly exported rice to countries such as North America, Latin America, West Africa, European Union and CARICOM countries. It has been also been narrated that the GRDB and other stakeholders are keen on finding new markets for Guyanese rice. According to the officials that it has been noted that Guyana’s 2015 paddy rice production increased about 8% to around 1.06 million tons (around 687,784 tons, basis milled) from around 977,289 tons (around 635,238 tons, basis milled) as compared to 2014.The agency is also striving to help farmers to boost their production through developing stronger and resilient varieties of rice as it has been emphasized by the officials.