Strong Demand and high supply from government stock has raised the volume of Thailand rice export by almost 60% from the last year to 6.59 million tonnes according to Thai Rice Exporters Association.

Also an increase of about 22.4% has been observed in the export prices which is Bt 105.83 billion up about 22.4% from last year export.

Chareon Charoen Laothamatas, president of the association, said that the demand of Thai rice particularly White rice has been raised since July this year particularly in African countries.

Previous year data reveals that In the first eight months Thailand  exported only 4.14 million tonnes of rice worth Bt86.47 billion.

In the JanuaryAugust period this year, Benin imported the most at 852,502 tonnes, followed by Nigeria with 474,561 tonnes, China with 432,220, Ivory Coast with 383,663 and South Africa with 335,529.