Agriculture Minister Andi Amran SulaimanAccording to the sources that  recently the  Agricultural Minister of Indonesia Mr Amran Sulaiman has predicted that certain parties have intentionally manipulated rice prices to gain profits in exchange of public interest. These parties are middle men who often look for opportunities to hoard rice and sell them to the market at certain times. Further, the Minister also revealed that these middle men have less to no concern about the public needs and the government’s effort to stabilize rice prices and while these middle men will only sell their rice stocks if commodity prices are climbing.

Furthermore, in this matter, currently it has been noted an indication of massive inflow of rice stocks in rice supply centers, causing oversupply and in turn dropping the price of rice accordingly .It has been observed that on the first week of February 2016, rice was sold at Rp 13,344 per kilogram while on the second week, the price drops to Rp 7,500 to Rp 10,000 per kilogram. This is an anomaly which has never happened within the last five to 10 years and it clearly indicates that the national rice production is increasing as narrated by Mr Amran.

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Under these situation, further, the Agriculture Minister informed that that the government will not giving up in eradicating middle men and food commodity mafia who have disrupted Indonesia’s agricultural pattern. However, there will be a change in the planting patter so that there will be no unused land, because once a harvesting season ends, a planting season start. This will result in a continuous rice production and it will eliminate rice scarcity certainly in the country.