India says that researchers of Japan have developed high quality rice flour by studying and modifying the protein content found in different rice flour. Newly developed rice flour is capable of producing dough (flour balls) and bread of superior quality than any other flour.

One of the researcher from the team said that this bread would be a good source of protein and an alternative to wheat flour for those who cannot afford wheat. In this way, it can contribute in reducing world food hunger.

The researchers have modified structure, properties and amount of seed storage protein to make a high quality flour that can work as efficiently as wheat flour works in bread manufacturing.

The traditional rice flour lacks a protein called PDIL 1;1, so the researchers add the protein PDIL1;1 externally to the rice flour which forms the disulphide bonds which act as strong bridges between the proteins which makes the rice flour suitable for the production of high quality rice bread.

The rice bread can be stretched easily and is less sticky as it holds the bubbles inside it during fermentation and baking. Also this bread has more elastic texture after baking.

The researchers are working constantly on developing PDIL 1;1 deficient rice varieties that can grow in different climatic condition.