kundanpur anganwadiAccording to the sources, it has been narrated that parents sending their children to an anganwadi at Moodu Vaaltur were angry after worms were found in one of the rice bags supplied to the centre under Kavaradi Gram Panchayat limits in Kundapur taluk .The date of packaging was mentioned on the bag as November 2015 and it had been supplied to the anganwadi centre in December. The parents immediately brought the matter to the notice of the Kavaradi Gram Panchayat, which too, expressed its dismay.

As quoted by an official of the Child Development Project based in Kundapur that the department purchased 99 metric tonnes of rice every four months from the Food Corporation of India (FCI) to be supplied to 387 anganwadi centres in Kundapur taluk. Every month, 32 metric tons of rice was being supplied to these anganwadi centres. The officials conduct random checking of rice. But it was not possible to check every bag of rice. However, 90 per cent of bags contained good quality rice, while  it  may be  possible that the remaining bags might have rice with worms or substandard rice because sometimes some bags get wet.

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Further, Mr Sadananda, Child Development Project Officer, told to the press that anganwadi teachers and assistants in Kundapur taluk had been directed to return any bag with substandard quality of rice or worms in it immediately and they would be replaced with bags containing good rice. He would visit the Moodu Vaaltur anganwadi and take action accordingly. In this regard, further, it was revealed that in the Department the anganwadi teachers were being put on National Population Register duty. Due to this, they had to go to enroll people. They then had to leave the anganwadi centres by assigning the charge to the anganwadi helpers, which were a distraction from their main duty of running anganwadi and thus worms were found. , leading to such problems, the sources added.