Food Show IndiaAfter eighteen months’ of negotiation, the Rice Association (RA) has announced a revised code of practice on basmati rice, which had last been updated in 2005.  In the intervening period, authorities in India and Pakistan have approved 27 new varieties which have both the aroma and grain characteristics of basmati, but which have not been recognised in the UK.  The revised code will change this meaning that all these varieties, available as basmati in other parts of the world, can now be labelled as basmati here.  The new Code came into effect on 1 July 2017.

Amongst the new additions is a variety known as Pusa 1121.  This is known for its unusually long grain which many people find appealing, and has been sold as “extra-long” or “biryani” rice in the UK for some years.  It is a major basmati variety in many international markets; several new product launches are anticipated in the UK now that it can be marketed as basmati.

For the benefit of our readers, the code and the varieties it covers can be downloaded by visiting the link given below. Click Here