rice agri. in malaysiaAs quoted in the local reports, the government of Malaysia has decided to review the Super Tempatan 15 (ST15) rice subsidy scheme, under which it provides subsidized rice to low-income families, following criticisms that it has failed to achieve the stated objectives. In this matter, the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry is conducting a survey to access the scheme whether its needs should be improved or should be scrapped. It has been observed that the Ministry received several complaints on the conduction of the scheme. Further, the Ministry has taken requisite measures but the scheme, which is intended for only low-income people, is being misused and even non-Malaysians are also using the scheme as it was stated.

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Further, it has been indicated that the outcome of the survey study will be announced very soon. The government is considering a new mechanism to ensure that the goal to aid the poor can be achieved. It was assured that the government will try to fix the leakages in the scheme and ensure that the targeted group is benefited. Meanwhile, the Malaysia’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) urged in March this year to the government to suspend the ST15 scheme as it has not been able to achieve the objectives set by the Ministry of Agriculture and Agro-based industry; while, a huge funds have been used for the program which started in 2008.