riceAccording to the sources, it has been reported that the production of rice on a large scale will be re-launched in this year in the eastern Moxico province in Angola. It will re-assume its role as a major producer of cereal, as it was announced on Monday in Camanongue municipality by the Minister of Agriculture Mr Afonso Pedro Canga. Further, the minister also assured that the project of the study of the former fertile areas to sow rice has been completed and was designed by local farmers and which was supported by the Angolan Government so as to contribute to the economic diversification and to reduce imports. It was also recalled that Moxico has areas with abundant water resource, re-evaluation studies of hectares with ground water, in addition to fertile lands for cultivation of rice on large-scale.

Further, it was also narrated that  at this time due to implementation of policies to boost local farmers, teaching them new technologies and modern means to leverage the process to replace the province among the most productive regions of this cereal. Meanwhile, Mr Afonso Pedro Canga defended to be necessary the intervention of strong business and advanced technologies for successful business in order to help industrialization in  the region in the field of cultivation and peeling of the product as well as  to supply the markets of the neighboring provinces too. Still on the economic growth, the Minister believes that the focus on agriculture can contribute to the thrifty growth of the country and to ensure an increase in the national revenue. According to him, the agricultural sector can rapidly contribute to reduce Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.poverty and hunger and is also an accelerating factor of the economic growth of rural families.