non avaibility of waterAs per latest news, it has been reported that the farmers have stopped cultivating paddy in the district during this Rabi due to non-availability of water. The district, which once was the rice bowl of Telangana with record paddy production for several years, is now seeing a turnaround what with the prevailing drought conditions and also because of the depleting groundwater table in many mandals. Only few farmers have gone in for paddy cultivation, that too to meet their daily food requirements.

Further, it has been indicated that since 2006, paddy cultivation had increased steadily in the district from 1.38 lakh hectares to 2.98 lakh hectares, and paddy production crossing 15 lakh metric tonnes. Well,  now due to the deficit rainfall and the prevailing drought conditions, paddy cultivation has come down to zero acres in the district against the normal cultivation of paddy in 1,59,681 hectares. Only few farmers have so far sown paddy in nurseries and they too are yet to be planted.

In addition, the area of cultivation had also come down drastically in the district against the normal area of cultivation of 2, 37,392 hectares during the Rabi season; the farmers had cultivated only 23,124 hectares till date. In this respect, The Joint Director (Agriculture) Shatru Naik told in the Press that the total area of cultivation had not even crossed 20 per cent in the district though the Rabi season. Farmers, who earlier cultivated in 10 acres of land, had now restricted their cultivation to only one acre due to non-availability of water sources.

However, it was said that farmers may be motivated to go in for ID (irrigated dry) crops with the available water sources. But, this Rabi seasonShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. still remains a bleak season for farmers as it was revealed. The area of cultivation in Rabi season had come down to 23,124 hectares against the normal area of 2, 37,392 hectares.