Because 85 percent of the rice consumed in the country is imported, the federal government and grain producers in Mexico have been proposed double output you have, because it needs to satisfy local demand and therefore improved incentives to do is apply.

The Mexican Rice Council provides over five years to double rice production.

Luis Bueno Torio, president of the Mexican Rice Council, said that Mexico currently requires more than one million 200 thousand tons and throughout the Republic nearly one hundred thousand tons only achieved.

“We just signed an agreement with the federal government, where they and we are committed to producing achieve that occur more than twice tons given so far, pear reach about 400 thousand tons dealing only in the country “, he said.

As relates to productivity that can be obtained in terms of utility is concerned, said incentives are direct to producers, ie it is achieved that is applicable to the planting and cultivation of grain, which ultimately would bring a profit of up to 70 percent.

In the more reason, he said, in southern Tamaulipas will have more opportunities because it has a lot of acres that are irrigated downtown area, which keeps production during the year, and that would apply innovative ways to improve productivity with less investment.