Supply of Rice to Prison Department Circle Lot1

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Government of Haryana,Department of Prison invites tender  for Supply of Rice to Prison Department Circle Lot1t 2014-15.The closing date for tender is 11-08-2014. The Karnataka state has a total of 102 prisons of various classification with an authorized capacity of 12088 male prisoners and 1012 female prisoners totally 13100 prisoners. Out of 102 prisons, the Central Prison Bijapur is the oldest date back to 1593 A.D. Constructed during the regime of Adil Shah. And 6 Jails are of 19th Century. Prison Department is headed by a Addl. Director General of Police and Inspector General of Prisons, assisted by Additional Inspector General of Prisons & Deputy Inspector General of Police (Prisons) and Gazetted Managers at the Head Quarters. All the Central Prisons, District Prisons, District Head Quarters Sub-jails, Special Sub jails and Taluka Sub Jails are managed by Departmental staff. Out of 70 Taluk sub jails, 30 under department control and 40 are under Revenue control. From the time the proposals are opened to the time the contract is awarded, if any Bidder wishes to contact the Tendering Authority on any matter related to its proposal, it should do so in writing at the address indicated at 3.3 above. Any effort by the Bidder to influence the Tendering Authority in the proposal evaluation, proposal comparison or contract award decisions may result in the rejection of the bidder’s proposal. 1. A Pre-bid conference will be held on the date and address mentioned in clause 4.12. The representatives of the interested organizations may attend the pre-bid conference at their own cost. The prospective participants have to inform the Tendering Authority on the mail id mentioned for attending the pre-bid conference and only those participant will be allowed to attend the pre-bid meeting.