cambodia PM hunsenAccording to the press release, it has been indicated by the Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen that the country failed to achieve its self-imposed target of exporting 1 million tons of milled rice by 2015 due to lack of milling capacity, storage facilities and funding. Hun Sen said this year’s rice export figure clearly proves that achieving the 1 million tonnes target next year is unlikely. The Southeast Asian nation set the target in 2010. The Prime Minister said that we had exported only half a million tons of milled rice, or about 50 percent of the target, so we cannot achieve the target of exporting 1 million tons of milled rice by 2015.The PM blamed the failure on a lack of investment in rice milling and paddy storage facilities.

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Further, the Prime Minister (PM) has narrated in this regard that Tough competition with other rice exporters such as Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar and India was also a contributing factor to the failure. According to Ministry of Agriculture Cambodia’s total rice production this year is estimated to exceed 9.2 million tons. With this amount, the country will have over 3 million tons of milled rice left over for exports next year. China, France, Poland, Malaysia, and the Netherlands are main buyers of Cambodia’s milled rice. According to Ministry of Commerce In 2014, Cambodia exported some 370,000 tons of milled rice, earning gross revenue of 247 million U.S. dollars.