The proposal will consider difficulties connected to export earnings and charging of different shipping rates at different rupee-dollar parity by shipping companies due to non-monitoring of Foreign Exchange Policy by the central bank.

He conferred the issue while talking to a REAP deputation that met him and examined different concerns of the rice industry.

For the records, Usman asked REAP to incorporate rice as a traditional entry in zero-rated sales tax administration like textile, leather, surgical goods, sports goods and carpet industrial sub-sectors.

He requested the association affiliates to formulate the proposal before State Bank of Pakistan governors planned visit to FPCCl.

He also insisted the shipping companies to lessen container duties for rice as it is a low-value and high volume item compared to other value-added goods like textile.

Usman, answering to the poor assistances drawn-out by the container terminal operators (CTOs) throughout inspection of goods by Anti Narcotic Force (ANF) at ports, learnt that the FPCCI had lately prepared two collaborative meetings of all the stakeholders involved in these developments at ports.

Through the conference, traders, regional directorate of ANF port functioning companies (KICT, PICT and QICT), KPT; PQA, SBP jointly certain that CTOs would either employ adequate proficient and skilled manpower for the enhancement in their services or subcontract it to a third party with professional expertise in re-packing of goods and re-stuffing in containers, he aforesaid.

The FPCCI president also queried the delegation to plan its offer pursuing financial assistance from the Export Development Fund (EDF) for the widening of a steady line from K-Electric feeders to their cluster belt to safeguard even supply of power.

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