output_wRRiQdThe United state Department of Agriculture in its latest survey of agricultural resources management has found that the use of precision Agricultural tools have gained popularity in the Rice Industry. Agricultural tools have significant values in the agricultural activities such as managing fields by measuring variations in nutrient needs, soil qualities and pest pressures has increased significantly in 2013 compared to 2006.

Most common and useful tool was found in the survey was if Yield Monitor tool which can identify the variations in the field’s yield and can intimate the farmers to adjust inputs and practices accordingly.

USDA has found that 60% of farmers are using this tool in their fields as compare to only 29% farmers were using it in 2006.


Similarly the use of Auto-steer or guidance system which reduces stress on operators and reduce errors in input application are being used by 50% farmers in 2013 compared to 24% as in 2006.

USDA has founded that the use of these two technologies have been proved a boon to the farmers as they had increased the production with minimum cost.