Ria-Award-NIght3Saudi Arabia’s call to severe all diplomatic ties and closing of its border has caused sense of panic in Qatar. But the authorities have assured its people that the closure of the border would have no impact on the supply of food and other items in shops and would not hamper the daily life of the people. Nevertheless Qatar is to face possible disruption in food supply including rice in wake of this newly eruption of diplomatic crisis including other Middle Eastern Countries like UAE, Egypt and Bahrain as well. Saudi Arabia is the only country with land border through which over 40% of the food consumed by Qataris passes and this situation has caused people, fearing shortage of supplies of essential items, to rush for grocery stores and supermarkets.

Qatar produces less than 10% of its food needs, importing 99.5% of its cereal, 93.6% of its meat, 83.4% of its vegetable and 86% of its fruit needs. Shoppers in Doha were taking no chances despite Qatari officials reassuring residents there was no need to panic after Saudi Arabia imposed a de facto food blockade. People were seen thronging Carrefour supermarket in Doha’s City Center mall, one of the busiest shopping areas in the Qatari capital in multiple queues, hours after seven Arab states cut diplomatic ties with the emirate. Shoppers piled trollies and baskets with essentials such as milk, rice and chicken while stripping shelves in no time. India just like Iran, in this time of crisis can make inroads to form new food supply lines with Qatar.