paddyAccording to the sources the Agriculture Ministry has indicated that the total area planting to India’s 2015-16 Kharif  rice crop (June – December) is continuing to lag behind from last year due to poor post-monsoon rains. Total rice planted area stood at around 37.824 million hectares as of October 16, 2015 which is slightly down from around 37.967 million hectares planted during the same time last year. Further, the India received 46% below-average rainfall as of October 15, according to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD). During this period, the North-west, Central, North-East and southern regions received only 81%, 69%, 54% and 3% below-average rains respectively.

It has also been narrated that a drought-inducing El Nino is likely to be expected to lower the production prospects of paddy in India this year. It was disclosed that by extending drought conditions, it has already dampening production prospects in Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. So, thus rice prices in Asia are expected to surge due to expected lower supplies.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice

Meanwhile, the government of India forecasts 2015-16 kharif (June – December) rice production at around 90.6 million tons, which is also slightly lower from around 90.86 million tons in 2014-15. Further, the total Kharif crop sown area stands at 103.881 million hectares as on October 16, 2015, which is up about 1.2% from around 102.585 million hectares during the same period last year as reported by the Agriculture Ministry.