spainAccording to the local sources, it has been indicated that the Union of Llauradors notes that adverse weather during the early days of planting has not been the most suitable for rice producers and thus there is an increased costs of cultivation. Further, it has been stated that rice needs in those days enough hours of sun, heat and no wind and the circumstances have not been given and it has been forced to replant rice Valencians in many plots. There is also some warning in the sector to the emergence of new Leersia of Oryzoide (weed American origin) in the plots of rice producing areas which decreases the crop as it grows by the growing competition. However, this invasive plant tends to spread a little more every year and in this season it is expected to be double the affected plots.

Moreover, regarding the market situation, it should be noted that there is no overproduction of rice at the state level, although increased imports makes them to take the price down. Further, in this matter the Union has repeatedly called both the Ministry of Agriculture as agricultural authorities of the European Union, to control and monitor imports of rice from third countries, it could cause an imbalance in the market to benefit from new trade status with the European Union. In addition, the agricultural organization demands a monitoring mechanism to assess the disruption of the internal market and propose measures such as the safeguard clause. It is necessary that the Ministry of Agriculture is requested the obligation of issuing import licenses for rice in these countries.

Indian Queen Basmati Rice Ad.In another vein, La Union requested the urgent payment of AE aid for rice of last year. It was also narrated that we are in the second year ofIndian Queen Basmati Rice by Bharat Industrial Enterprises Limited implementation of the aid and have not yet paid the previous year as indicated by the agricultural organization. These grants also compensate not only rice farmers by improving the environment they provide, but in this new period 2015-2020 are required to account for more cost commitments for their farms such as  planting  of certified seed with expensive operation expenses. In addition, they are also planting traditional Valencian varieties within the Designation of Origin, promoting and enhancing the local product. Further, the Union sees fit for the proper management of rice farms that existed a payment schedule for the administration and these delays only represent a burden for the rice to be avoided.