phattalung-rice-receives-eu-intellectual-protectionThe European Union announced Wednesday it has awarded geographical protection to Khao Sangyod Muang Phatthalung, golden rice registered in Thailand 10 years ago. The Khao Muang Phatthalung Sangyod IGP is a golden brown rice registered in Thailand 10 years ago. It is milled and marketed as brown or red rice and belongs to the native rice of Phatthalung province, in southern Thailand. This slightly-sticky rice with thin grains is light, small and has a aromatic fragrance and tastes slightly sweet. It is usually soaked in water for 10 minutes before cooking to obtain a very soft texture.

With this award, rice with similar stains grown outside Phattalung province would be barred shanti-agro-banners-15from using the “khao sangyod” description. This intellectual protection to Khao Sangyod Muang Phatthalung gives the same basic protection to whole of European Union. The protection of khao sangyod is the 29th such “Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) status ever awarded.