output_wRRiQdPakistan’s federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) has set a new target for 2015 for milled rice, sugarcane and maize crops, according to local sources.

FCA has fixed a target of 7 million tons of milled rice for the year 2015 from around an area of 2.8 million hectares. Also it has set a goal to achieve 68 million tons of sugarcane and 4.6 million tons of maize this year.

The Minister of National Food Security and Research after FCA meeting addressing a conference said that this target is possible as the availability of water in almost whole country except some areas of south will be adequate and they are confident that this year rainfall would also be adequate in whole country.

Along with availability of water, adequate supply of seeds during last year Kharif season and allocation of institutional credit has made it possible to achieve this target.

USDA estimates Pakistan’s MY 2014-15(November- October) milled rice production to surge by 3%. In MY 2013-14 it was 6.7 million tons and in MY 2014-15 it is 6.9 million tons.

However the National Space Agency of Pakistan (SUPARCO)  and UN’s Food and Agricultural Organisation has estimated Pakistan’s rice production to decline by 19% for FY 2014-15.