Rice exporters from Pakistan have urged the government to negotiate with the Malaysia government over the removal of quota restriction placed on rice import from Pakistan.

Pakistan is capable of exporting between 200,000 tons to 300,000 tons of rice including basmati and non-basmati annually to Malaysia but due to the restrictions imposed by Malaysian government over rice import from Pakistan, this year Pakistan is able to export only 119,358 tons (including basmati and non basmati rice) according to data from Bureau of Pakistan.

Rice exporters urge a support from Malaysian Consul General and Trade Consul to take the matter forward and to solve it. Increased rice export to Malaysia would also help in cutting down the Pakistan’s trade deficit with Malaysia.

President of REAP, told the sources that trade deficit between Pakistani and Malaysia had been widening due to increased palm oil import and lesser export. He stressed out on the need for government to have a talk with Malaysian government to take measure to protect the balance the trade. He also urged the government to increase the rice export volume to Malaysia to around 200,000 tons.

Pakistan exported around 95,977 tons (7528 tons of basmati and 88449 tons of non-basmati) to Malaysia in first seven months of 2014-15 .Pakistan exported around 2.26 million tons of rice ,including 313,290 tons basmati and 1.95 million tons non-basmati in July 2014 to January 2015 up about 2% from around 2.22 million tons exported year on year.