Prime Minister Nawab Sharif in support to Basmati rice- growers in Pakistan, said the government will run aid to farmers causing falling global prices. He was directing a conference about purchasing of Basmati rice at the Prime Minister’s House.

According to a government declaration, Sharif stated apprehension over the falling Basmati rice price due to international factors.

He pointed the Ministries of Finance and Food Security to suggest a proposition for postulating backing to the farmer by delivering suitable subsidy. Sharif requested the Ministry of Food Security to refer provincial governments and improve a procedure so that honest advantage of the subsidy drives to the farmers and not the agent.

The Prime Minister guided the ministries to derive up with a scheme in six weeks across which budget of agricultural records can be passed down to make farmers contented in the local market and aggressive in the international market.

Pakistan and India are foremost Basmati exporters. He also led them to present a plan about establishment of solar panels and soft loans for equipment of tube-wells for agriculture sector.

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