Pakistan Rice ExportersAs per from the reliable sources, it has been reported that the Chairman of the Rice Exporters Association of Pakistan (REAP) has urged the Pakistan government to intervene and solve export issues faced by them in Kenya. It has been noted that more than 1,500 rice containers (holding about 37,500 tons of rice) are stuck up at Kenyan customs clearance points ‘Port of CFS’ and ‘Portside CFS’ since January 20, 2016 despite the exporters paying all local taxes and duties.

Further, the REAP Chairman advised the government to deal the issue with the Kenyan authorities at the earliest possible. It has also been narrated that the Pakistan rice exporters have been facing delay in payment from Kenyan importers, which may affect exports in the future too. It was disclosed that the REAP is also considering to send a delegation to Kenya to discuss the problems faced by them as it was informed. Further, it was stated that Pakistan is one of the largest exporters of rice to Kenya and had exported rice worth $188.33 million on FY 2014-15 (July – June).

Furthermore, it has been observed that since Pakistan is a major importer of Kenyan tea and they are expecting that the intervention of theShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. Pakistan government would yield positive results. It is expected   that the problem will be taken up by Pakistani government with Kenya on top priority  since it is a national issue and not anyone’s personal matter as it has been quoted by the REAP.