Absence of inadequate irrigation facilities in the Kailali district in Nepal has a adverse effect on the paddy production. Paddy grown on about 10,000 bigaha of land in Kailali has been effected due to lack of availability of modern irrigation facilities.

Flood in the the Karnali River destroyed Jamara canal at Chisapani ,a month ago.After the flood , paddy production in the vast areas have destroyed due to unavailability of water

and also has been damaged by the different diseases for want of irrigation.

paddy facing drought
paddy facing drought

Agriculture technician Ashok Mandal of Agriculture Service Centre, Tikapur, has saiod that the paddy production is the most water hungry production and hence requires lot of water during harvesting which the farmers failed to provide and hence this year the yield of rice will be less.

Jamara Canal Consumers’ Group Chairman Lalbir Chaudhary said the canal was supplying less water after the floods damaged it.

Govinda BK of Katanpur said the unavailability of water in the district like Rampur, Katanpur, Puchhari, Bhagawanpur had affected paddy crops in hundreds of bigaha of land

. According to Agriculture Development Office, Kailali, paddy is planted in 71,000 hectare land in the district. The district produces around 2.5 lakh metric tonnes of rice per year.