Harvesting of paddyAccording to the sources, it has been indicated that the harvesting of short term paddy raised in hundreds of acres in Omalur block is in full swing. The harvesting is expected to be completed before Pongal festival. Further, it has been indicated that the farmers of Muthunayakkanpatti, Thindamangalam, Kottai Mariammankoil, Sellapillaikuttai and Periyeripatti villages raised paddy in about 300 acres using the water from wells and borewells. The farmers of Omalur block in the past used to raise paddy varieties such as IR 50, IR 20, white ponni, and zeerak samba.

In this respect it has been disclosed that with the block reeling under severe drought like conditions a few months ago, they had to totally depend on well irrigation and as such they preferred the short term kuruvai, sona, ponni, rajini, and amman varieties in this season, according to the advice of the agriculture department officials. Further, a few major tanks in villages such as Sellapillaikuttai, Periyeripatti, Kottagoundanpatti, and M. Settipatti got filled up a few months with the surplus water of the Mettur water scheme supplying potable drinking water to the residents of Salem Corporation limits. This helped in improving the ground water level and also the water levels in wells and bore wells.

As per report, it has been revealed that  the farmers underwent some anxious moments after completing transplantation  due to drought like condition . However, their hopes of a successful crop revived with various parts of the district experiencing widespread rainfall in November. TheShanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd. harvesting initially commenced in Muthunayakkanpatti village a few days ago and will be completed in the other villages too before Pongola according to the sources.