Color Sorter by Shanti Agro IndustryAccording to the latest figures available with the Agriculture Department, the Rabi season has seen an over three-fold increase in the area under paddy cultivation, following a good monsoon in Telangana. It has risen from 1.63 lakh hectares in 2015-16 to 5.48 lakh hectares in 2016-17. Abundant rains have filled the ponds in most districts this monsoon. Tanks are also brimming with good amount of water, contributing to increase in groundwater levels and therefore resulting in increasing the area under paddy cultivation during this season. Whereas in comparison, the Kharif of 2016 saw drought and delayed rainfall resulting in only 7.31 lakh hectares of area sown as against the average of 9.86 lakh hectares sown during Kharif.

The other crops in that saw an increase in area under cultivation during Rabi season are maize, Bengal gram, black gram, groundnut and chilies. Maize saw an increase of 93 percent area (1.51 lakh hectares) as against the normal (1.63 lakh hectares). Bengal gram saw a tremendous increase of 158 per cent with 1.39 lakh hectares sown this season as against 1.17 lakh hectares in the previous year. While ground nut saw an increase of 95% over the 1.52 lakh hectares sown normally. While on the other hand wheat continues to be a low priority crop in the State, as the area sown has further come down. This Rabi only 0.02 lakh hectares of wheat was sown while normally the sown area of wheat is about 0.06 lakh hectares.