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ORANGE is a vision oriented organization and is backed by cutting-edge technology to deliver best products and services in the market.

ORANGE Sorting Machines (India) Pvt Ltd is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company with decade of experience in the field of vision based sorting system manufactures custom-made vision systems that meets its customers' individual inspection needs.

Our technocrats develops and delivers advanced technology products that can gently and efficiently sort dissimilar items based on their shape, size, length, width, height, weight, fixture and finish to the fullest satisfaction of our customers. We take care to continuous improvement of our product line and stay ahead of competition by foreseeing the emerging demands of the market. ORANGE has about 32 service centres, one branch office and one zonal office spread across India to cater the on demand sales and service requirements of our valued customers. ORANGE takes good amount of time before introducing a new variant in the market, only to ensure that the end customer gets the best machine in the initial stage itself. Every new model is kept open for future development to withstand the continuous improvement in the hardware and software. With the dedicated support from our team of diligent professionals, we have crossed 1,800 successful installations & counting in all over India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc., which gave us a confidence to expand and diversify our business into other prospects. ORANGE has a dedicated, well experienced and highly motivated team of professionals who takes up every new development project as a challenge to their talent, dedication and attitude.

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Why «Orange Sorter»?

What is Color Sorter machine?
The harvested rice / spices / Grains contain many impurities which cannot be consumed without cleaning. The produced commodity is run through a process for cleaning. A color sorter is a machine that segregates the input commodities based on the color. Ex. Black rice from white rice, Green Lentil from Yellow Lentil, transparent tiny particles, animal drops etc.
How does a Color Sorter Works?
It works on the principal of “Watch & Remove”. Camera is the foundation of Color sorter machine; it visualizes the commodity and analyzes the same. Based on the result it then accepts / rejects the commodity. The rejection is done typically by ejecting (blowing) the defective material..
Does a small miller need to have a color sorter, if yes what is the reason?
Yes, these days the end consumers are being educated well about the food contamination and diseases spread through food. Hence the customers are conscious about their commodities purity. In order to sell the product and with stand the market with brand equity any mill should have the right process machinery. Installing a color sorter gives your brand improved salience.
What is the Duration of Service for Normal Problem & Critical Problem?
All services calls will be attended within 24 hours time.All services calls will be attended to within 24 hours time. The rectification time will depend on the nature of problem.
Is fixing Air Conditioner mandatory for the running of a color sorter?
Yes, since the machine is enclosed in a cabinet and the ventilation will not be sufficient for the ambience and the temperature inside the cabinet gets increased. To overcome this raise in temperature and to avoid dust accumulation fixing air conditioner becomes mandatory.


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