shanti agro adTaiwan is promoting use of rice as a nutrient rich food as compared to wheat and flour, according to the Agriculture and Food Ajency. Recently, it has also been noted that more number of Taiwanese have switched over   to low carbohydrate foods like wheat and flour as the content of starch in rice makes them fattier. In addition, consumption of western foods rich in sugar and oils has been increased, which have led to higher levels of obesity too. 

Further, it has been observed that due to changing food habits have also led to a reduction in the country’s rice consumption by over half in the last three decades. Taiwan’s per capita rice consumption has fell down to around 45 kilograms in 2011 from around 98 kilograms in 1981, as per sources from Agriculture and Food Agency.

In view of the present scenario of food habits, the Agency noted that eating rice is better as it is richer in nutrients and more natural than wheat and flour as well as processed foods. As per USDA estimates it has reported that Taiwan’s rice consumption is around 1.25 million tons in MY 2015-16 (January – December 2015), down from around 1.285 million tons in MY 2014-15 whereas it was around 1.3 million tons in MY 2013-14 and MY 2012-13.