Rice Importers LiberiaAccording to the reliable sources, in view of  reports of what appears to be a rift between two of the country’s leading importers of rice in the country, there are indications that the management of the two entities have resolved their differences. According to the reports, the management of United Commodities Inc. (UCI) informed that now there are not any problems with the management of K and K and what was thought to be a misunderstanding between them which is no longer exists. Further, a release issued at the weekend indicated that the CEOs of these two companies are still enjoying cordial, social and professional relationships. The latest development followed a recent media reports of attempted bribery intended to undermine the operations of one of the rice companies.

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According to the release, the UCI has informed that it welcomes the level of professionalism displayed by the media institutions in dealing with the reports. However, the UCI management has informed the public that they have not any problems with the management of K and K and both the CEOs are getting along cordially. Further, it has also been narrated that, it is in the interest of the public that UCI has always nurtured good relationships with other importers. Infact, more we importers are good friends, more the public get its benefits. Furthermore, in this matter, it was also assured that we are and will always be in good relationship with other importers, no matter what so ever the situation is, as it was emphasized by UCI in the release.