Normal Rice Yield in US irrespective of intermittent rains.The estimations of rice crops in different sates/country of american continent is described below.


The rice harvest in Texas is about 80% complete.The rice yield is good even though the area is receiving intermittent rains.For the last couple of weeks the area is facing high temperature which has also destroyed lots of rice fields. But still both the milling and the quantity of rice yield is good with milling in the 58 to 62 range and totals in 70 to 72 range.

Second half of the crop harvested is expected by almost every one but may be it is late.

Also an auction of rice was held in this week which put put up 38,300 cwts – all XL745. There were wo bidders,with high bid posted at $6.25 premium over loan per cwt for all lots – and there were no confirmations.


The rice harvest in Louisiana is more than 65% complete.The rice yield is good even though the area is receiving intermittent rains,warmer days which have showed the same problems of down rice in moderately heavy showers or wind as in Texas.

Thje field range between 40-50 bbl is still have standing rice crops.The yield in terms of quality and milling is good with milling in the 64/73 to 69/73 range.

The medium sized grains are still under harvest but the long grain are ready to use and are in good quantity which will bring down their prices.

The mill bid is now $20.95 per bbl delivered to the mill, and the export bid is off this week to $14.65 per cwt for a 55/70 delivered Mermentau.

The Iraq has cancelled the last two tenders for milled long grain and is now going to announce a new tender for the same variety of rice in the next couple of years.

In Delta

Mississippi’s crops like soybeans and corn have shown a great yield.some rice is already ready to cut within the next 2-3 weeks.The single bid reported this week was $12.60 per cwt delivered barge loading point, and this is too low to be of interest to anyone so may not get much bidders.

In Arkanas

The decision to start the cutting of early rice in the Arkanas will be implemented in the end of this week.It is founded that most of the rice is in good condition and quality.Current bid is being offered between $5.60 and $5.80 per bu fob farm, and some may trade there if the field and milling yields are as good as many are expecting which seems to range between $6.00 and $6.50 per bu at the farm.

In Missouri

The Missouri has also showed that the rice yield in the area will be quite good.some of the farmers have started harvesting their fields and other will wait foranother two weeks or so.Presently there is no bid that will attract the growers with most looking for something at or above $6.00 per bu.