Rice production in Kano State has been a sucess to the farmers of Kano State as the rice production there is increasing dramatically.

In order to boost production and to become self-sufficient in rice production by 2015, the Nigerian government is planning to adopt high yielding hybrid rice varieties. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed by the Nigeria’s Agriculture Minister with the African Technology Foundation (AATF) where AATF will aid the government of Nigeria to sponsor hybrid rice production in the country.Within two years 100,000 Kano State farmers have been benefited.

Farmers all over Kadawa valley are now making active business producing high quality paddy rice for the nation. This is because of the economic benefits of federal government’s rice programme support to Kano, For example, the total gross value of rice produced in the state rose by N38 billion in two years, while net incomes to farmers rose by N21 billion within the same period.

The chief farmer was glad to announce that jobs were being created as the youth are gainfully engaged on the farms.The federal government’s rice programme support has befinifited so many farmers and organization.Some of them are The UMZA International Farms Limited,Sarauniya Rice Mill,The rice processing company.

The rice processing company has purchased paddy rice worth of N2  billion this year from Kano and other places in the North-West, producing 24,000 metric tons of parboiled rice per annum.

If we consider this brisk rice buisness in Kano then its no far that paddy will replace groundnut  in Kano.which is  a commercial agriculture land..Kano farmers had never seen this level of support by the federal government.

Kano is  one of the five participating states in the Commercial Agriculture Development Project (CADP)  started by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources,with the World Bank and other stakeholders. Some other states where this project is enforcced include  Kaduna, Cross River, Enugu and Lagos. This project started on April 16, 2009.