Nigeria Customs ServiceAs per the latest report, it has been indicated that the Nigeria Customs Service narrated that there is alarming increase in the activities of rice smugglers, despite the ban on importation of the grain through land borders. Addressing the reporters after vehicles loaded with bags of rice were seized at idiroko border, the Ogun State Command of the Nigeria Customs decried the increase in the activities. Further, in this matter, the Ogun State Area Comptroller of Customs Mr Multafu Waindu, paraded 18 vehicles loaded with bags of rice which were being smuggled into Nigeria from the Republic of Benin.

Moreover, according to Mr Multafu Waindu, the vehicles and the grains were impounded around 3:00am at the porous Alari and Ifoyintedo bush paths, in Ipokia Local Government Area of the state where the smuggled bags of rice and the vehicles were abandoned by the smugglers. It was further explained that the command’s patrol team also intercepted 410 motorcycles being used as means of conveyance with each having a carrying capacity of eight bags of rice per trip. During this operation, the smugglers have been warned to desist from the illegal business, and Mr Waindu also added that the law banning rice importation Shanti Agro Industries Pvt. Ltd.through the land border was still in force and is being maintained.