The National Food Authority on Friday warned  the rice traders against the speculation of rice .The rice traders used to follow the practise of  repacking sacks of low-cost government rice to be sold as expensive commercial rice.
The , NFA administrator Arthur Juan said that the  regular NFA rice is being sold at P27 per kilogram and the well-milled variety for P32 per kg.Despite of these good qualities some unscrupulous traders jack up the commercial prices
He  said  that they have coordinated with the Philippine National Police-Criminal Investigation and Detection Group to help the NFA enforce rice trading rules and regulations.
 this coordination helps the  CIDG operators raided the Jommaro Star Rice Mill, owned by Roberto and Regina Pualengco, in Abangan Norte in Marilao, Bulacan early this week. The raiding team caught men repacking about 100 sacks of NFA rice, said Juan.
Two ten-wheeler trucks parked outside the rice mill were also discovered to be loaded with 1,068 sacks of NFA rice.
“The NFA will continue to conduct surveillance activities, in coordination with the authorities, to thwart similar nefarious activities all over the country,” Juan said.
NFA is encouraging the public to immediately report all irregular rice trading practices. Those who want to report suspicious activities may call NFA through mobile number 0906-4363133.