shanti logoAccording to sources, Italy will organize “Rice Day”, a whole day will be dedicated to rice in Novara on September 3, 2015. The day will highlight the importance of rice in the province. It has been reported that Rice acreage in the Novara has increased consistently since 1930 and has reached about 32,368 hectares in 2014, accounting for about 14% of Italy’s total rice acreage of around 214,000 hectares. In addition, currently about 100 varieties of rice are grown in the area.

On this day, visitors will be shown how the new varieties can adapt to the different climatic conditions of various provinces. They will be also taken to several farms in the province. Under this programme, final meeting will take place in Cascina Motta di San Pietro Mosezzo, where rice growers, farmers unions and local authorities will discuss the current situation of rice harvesting and the perspective of rice growing sector.