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As quoted by the Minister of Agriculture and Food Security the government of Mozambique is planning to introduce surcharge on imports of rice beans, meat and eggs in order to encourage domestic production. It has been told that there is a lack of restrictions at the entry point which is the main reason for an increase in rice imports in the country. Further, it was informed that a recent introduction of surcharge on sugar imports have yielded desired results and expressed optimism that it would be successful for other products too.

Recently, National Director of Agriculture and Forestry noted that Mozambique has around 900,000 hectares of land for potential rice production but only 310,000 are being used currently. Further, it has been observed that this under utilization of production capacity in the country is leading to rice deficit, forcing the government to boost import of rice. However according to USDA estimates, Mozambique to produce around 351,000 tons of paddy rice (around 228,000 tons, basis milled) and to import approximately 500,000 tons in MY 2015-16 (May – April).