Shanti-Agro-AdExperts in Agricultural Sciences in Pakistan have expressed their satisfaction over timely and sufficient rains in the current monsoon season in the country. It will certainly support the country’s kharif crop production such as rice, maize and sugarcane. Further, it was told since, rice crop needs more water at the time of cultivation and these timely rains have fulfilled this requirement.

In addition, these timely rains may also help rice farmers to lower their cost of production since most of them are dependent on tube wells to irrigate their crops. Due to these adequate rains, it may reduce their expenditures on diesel and electricity for running tube wells. Moreover, experts have also noted that the adequate monsoon rains may stabilize rice prices during the year too.

As per report, the Federal Committee on Agriculture (FCA) has fixed the 2015-16 (July – June) milled rice production target at around 6.902 million tons (around 10.21 million tons on paddy basis) from around 2.836 million hectares. It is expecting a yield of around 2.434 tons per hectare in 2015-16. However, USDA estimates Pakistan’s MY 2014-15 (November – October) milled rice production to increase about 3% to around 6.9 million tons (around 10.35 million tons on paddy basis) compared to around 6.7 million tons of last year.