New Sukup Corporate Headquarters Showcases the Company’s Manufacturing Capabilities.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. office personnel recently began moving into the new corporate headquarters. Much of the structural steel for the new building, located in Sheffield, Iowa, where the company was started fifty-one years ago, was fabricated by Sukup Manufacturing Co. employees and showcases the company’s advanced manufacturing capabilities. The building is 46,000 ft2 and houses engineering, sales, accounts payable/receivable, human resources, legal, IT, production control and executive departments on two floors at a cost of $8 million.

Company personnel manufactured not only the structural steel in the building, but also the standing seam roof, metal cladding, architectural ceiling features, and a spiral floating staircase that is the showcase of the main lobby area. More than 35 miles of CAT 6 wire runs throughout the building to power all the electronics and was pulled by the company’s IT staff.

According to Steve Sukup, CFO, “Our new office building is not just a sign of our tremendous growth – we’ve grown ten times over the past 12 years – but also really highlights our advanced manufacturing capabilities, as well as the talents of our employees. The exposed structural steel components, copper standing seam roof, spiral staircase and bin ring ceiling features are real ‘head-turners’ that show off what our equipment and our people can do. The new building also highlights to our dealers and customers our commitment to possessing and properly using the most advanced production equipment, enabling us to produce the finest agricultural and industrial products. This new building should be a great tool in recruiting new dealers, as well as customers. The new Tech Center will give us a great venue to show off our dryer computer controls and other product innovations.”

“A new headquarters for Sukup Manufacturing Co. has been on the drawing board for years. Our recent growth and 50th anniversary made 2013 an ideal time to initiate the project. We have been eagerly looking forward to the completed project, which showcases our manufacturing strengths and welcomes visitors with prairie hospitality. We are very excited to host dealers in our Tech Center and have them experience the warm industrial feel of the building that so captures the corporate culture of Sukup Manufacturing Co.,” said Charles Sukup, company president.

Emily (Sukup) Schmitt coordinated the construction project for the company. “This has been a great interactive project with family members, architects, contractors and Sukup employees all working together to bring to fruition this awesome finished product. Now that it’s almost complete, I am very excited to share the space and all its features with our office personnel. It’s been fun watching people move in and hearing their ‘oohs and ahs’ and feeling their excitement. We’ve designed the office with lots of collaborative work areas, which is something our old building definitely lacked. We are looking forward to seeing how people use those spaces and the new ideas that come of out of them. In the past two years, Sukup has added 158 full-time employees. We hope this new work space will be a great recruiting tool for us to bring in even more new employees to help Sukup Manufacturing Co. continue to grow.”

Once everything has moved out, the old Sukup Manufacturing Co. office space will be converted to production space. In addition to the office building, Sukup also added two 100,000 ft2 production buildings for expanded grain dryer and material handling equipment production. All of this additional production and office space translates into more jobs for the Franklin, Cerro Gordo and Butler County area. “The new office and production space is a very real symbol of Sukup Manufacturing Co.’s commitment to Iowa and the ag industry,” stated Schmitt.

Sukup Manufacturing Co. is a family-owned grain storage, drying, and handling equipment and steel building manufacturer located in Sheffield, Iowa, USA. Sukup has been engineering solutions to protect and preserve the world’s grain supply since 1963. The Sukup product line includes on-farm and commercial grain bins, portable and tower dryers, centrifugal and axial fans and heaters, stirring machines, bin unloading equipment and bin floors and supports. Sukup also manufactures a line of material handling equipment that includes bucket elevators, drag conveyors and chain loop conveyors, as well as a line of steel buildings. Sukup products are sold throughout the U.S. and Canada, as well as in over 50 foreign countries.