The Food Corporation of India FCI has discovered a new sea-surface-river route from India to Bangladesh which reduce almost 50% cost and time of the country for Rice transportation.

Using the road-rail route earlier the country exports the rice to Bangladesh with the time period of approximately 30 days but the new protocol on Inland Water Trade and Treaty signed between the two

Countries will reduce this time period to 15 days which is almost half of earlier.

The FCI has discovered a sea surface river route from southern coastal city of Vishakhapatnam to north eastern city of Agartla via Bangladesh. This route saves almost 50% of cost invested for transporting the rice to Bangladesh and 50% of time also and hence the delivery can be done within 15 days.

This has been a practical route as first consignment of 5000 tonnes had begun its journey at Vishakhapatnam and it’s leading to Diamond Harbor in Kolkata. The following the river route it will lead to Ashuganj in Bangladesh Then following the road route it will lead to Akura and reach Agartla.